“Valpro Corp” production modernization in accordance with environmental standards – Wastewater treatment project implementation

During the project industrial waste water treatment facilities were purchased and installed to assure that factory meet all environmental regulatory requirements, and implement a package of measures that will allow the company to reduce consumption of natural resources.

Project main goal was to reduce consumption of natural resources by implementing activities listed in the company environment improvement plan.

„Valpro Corp” project short term aim was to reduce factory adverse impacts on the environment, as well as meet Valmiera City Council minimum requirements for the city sewer water quality administered by the company's industrial wastewater treatment facilities modernization. Thus Cabinet of Ministers Regulations 34 "Regulations on emissions of pollutants in the water" (22.01.2002), the European Council Directives 91/271/EEC and 98/15/EC requirements were fulfilled.

As the result final production process stage was modernized: existing water treatment plants were replaced with new facilities to provide better quality of industrial wastewater treatment.

Project implementation period – 15th November 2006 – 16th September2007
Project total costs – 520 068 LVL
Support intensity – 40%





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