Universal fire extinguisher cylinder implementation in production

On 2nd March 2009 “VALPRO” Ltd. signed agreement No. L-JPR-09-0005 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for new product and technology project “Universal fire extinguisher cylinder implementation in production” (No. JPR/ The project expects to make innovative production improvements and new product production launch in June 2010.

In December 2009 “VALPRO” Ltd. received set for body strength and leak test with air pressure. The set was supplied by “Festo” Ltd. which previously won “VALPRO” Ltd. equipment tender. Previously “VALPRO” Ltd. received four EWM PHOENIX 421 EXPERT PLUS forceArc DW welding machines which were supplied by “Elko G.C.” Ltd. In 2010 company “Indutek LV” supplied shot blasting line which is used to treat cylinder parts. In February company “IBIX SRL” supplied equipment for cylinder plastic inlining.

Innovation project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and within the scope "VALPRO" Ltd. developed and implemented a new production technology that provide a new, multi-purpose fire extinguisher cylinder production. During the project a production line for new products was created.

Project implementation period – 2nd March 2009 – 2nd July 2010
Total project costs – 197 000 LVL
Support intensity – 25%





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