Metalworking industry specialist training

On 15th November 2010 “VALPRO” Ltd. signed partner agreement with Latvian Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries Association and according to that involved in European Social Fund program “Human resources and employment” sub-activity “Support for training enhancing competitiveness of enterprises – organized partnership training support” training project “Metalworking industry specialist training”. Project implementation period is 3 years.

Project main goal is to improve "VALPRO” Ltd. staffs’ professional, managerial and personal competencies by providing training for workers, in order to effectively reach the company's goals.

Company has provided training for more than 50 employees in following training programs:

1. Pneumatic components for industrial application systems. Elements of the application of electro industrial systems (training implemented in collaboration with "Festo" Ltd.)

2. Production management engineering and metalworking companies (training implemented in collaboration with "Commerce education centre")

3. Industrial hydro automation and hydroelectric automation system functioning basics (training implemented in collaboration with "Festo" Ltd.)

4. English language studies with grounding (implemented in collaboration with „Language Learning Centre” Ltd.)

Project implementation period – 15th November 2010 - 2013
Support intensity – 60%





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