VALPRO implements work-based learning program “Mechatronics systems technician”

This study year, in cooperation with Valmiera Vocational Training Center, VALPRO implements work-based learning program “Mechatronics systems technician”, where 18 students of Valmiera Technical school will learn Mechatronics profession for 1,5 years. This is the first work-based learning program, which has been developed in close cooperation with VALPRO professionals. In order for students to learn and master Mechatronics systems technician profession, 50% of their learning time will be spent in 3 largest companies in Valmiera – VALPRO, Valmiera Glass, Valmieras Piens.

Since October all 18 students have already spent time in VALPRO and started to learn practical skills from 6 VALPRO mentors in metalworking and hydraulics areas. The project is still going and we hope that after first graduation of Mechatronics program, we will have 18 young, motivated and willing to work Mechatronics systems technicians in Valmiera and the results achieved will allow this program to continue and develop in the future.




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