VALPRO fuel spouts in new packaging

With the slogan "The looks matter", VALPRO offers the global market fuel spouts in new packaging. Product packaging has become more visually appealing, more functional, and more environmentally friendly.

VALPRO has changed the packaging of fuel spouts from plastic bags to cardboard pallets, reducing the use of plastics in production, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

A significant benefit is that with the transition to the new carton-type packaging, it has become more compact in size, which provides the customer with up to 55% savings on shelf space compared to the previous ̶ bag packaging.

The new format of the package contains more complete information such as a simplified fuel spout instruction manual and with its QR link to the full digital manual, a product description in ten languages​​, and practical visual style information on the fuel spout type, compatibility, application, and functional properties.




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