VALPRO launches new fuel can design

After several months of research, understanding customer needs, prototyping and testing, VALPRO has expanded its product range and launched a new fuel can design with a screw cap.

One of the most important values of VALPRO is to provide the highest quality metal products and services both locally and internationally. In particular, knowing that customers use the metal cans produced by VALPRO for the storage and transport of hazardous substances (fuel). To ensure the best product for our customers, this metal fuel can with a new design screw cap has also been tested to the highest quality standards and has been awarded the BAM certificate, which certifies the conformity of the packaging for the transport of dangerous goods and its own unique UN number.

It is the screw cap that is new. It is rustless, made of anodized aluminium and incorporates a magnet so that when unscrewed, it can be easily attached to the can itself or to the vehicle into which the fuel is being poured. The cap is easy to grasp, unscrew and screw on with a single movement of the hand. It is particularly important that its thread is robust, which significantly reduces the risk of damage. When testing the quality and dispensing speed, VALPRO fuel cans were found to dispense almost four times faster compared to other fuel cans of the same capacity with a screw cap. One of the factors contributing to this is the increased diameter of the neck of the can (46 mm). Read more about the fuel can with screw cap here.

At the moment, 10 and 20 litre cans are available, but 5 litre cans will be available soon. Adapted diesel and petrol spouts are available to make dispensing more convenient. Their design promotes airflow into the can, ensuring smooth and fast dispensing. Find out more about the spouts here.




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