Project „Investment in environmental protection to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in VALPRO” is actively implemented

In the end of April VALPRO started to implement project „Investments in environmental protection to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in VALPRO” (Nr.KPFI-15. 1/20).

The investments, made until 11.06.2013 includes advance payments for order of the fire extinguisher cylinders poling and longitudinal welding equipment for 30 710Ls and payment for already done works on internal electricity grid reconstruction for 3512Ls.

Internal electricity grid reconstruction works are planned to be finish until 15.08.2013, while welding equipment for industrial use is planned to be launch until 16.09.2013.

Currently VALPRO production hall No. 2 average electricity loss of 125,1 MWh each year is made by outdated transformer and related electricity lines. Industrial building is comparing energy-inefficient, longitudinal welding equipment for industrial processes uses average 51,7 MWh electricity a year. In result of implementing the project that includes internal electricity grid reconstruction (including electricity transformers) and replacing welding equipment, energy loss by using new equipment will be reduced by 90% and saved up to 157,5 MWh of energy a year, that equals reducing 62,5 t of CO2 emissions a year.

Planned project efficiency – 2,79kgCO2/LVL a year

Project implementation period – 4.january 2013- 31.october 2013

Project total costs – 109 505 LVL

Eligible costs – 49 841,3 LVL

Support intensity – 45%

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