VALPRO shares experience in conference ā€¯Energy planning for sustainable entrepreneurshipā€¯

On Thursday, 9th October Industrial energy efficiency cluster, cooperating with newspaper “Daily Business”, organized conference “Energy planning for sustainable entrepreneurship”, where VALPRO Ltd.’s Chairman of the Board Aivars Flemings shared companies experience and knowledge in energy efficiency field.

VALPRO Ltd. has implemented three energy efficiency projects with the climate change financial instrument support, currently fourth project is carried out. In implementing of four projects VALPRO has invested more than one million euros, reducing greenhouse gas emission`s amount for about 400 tons a year and making financial savings up to 100 thousands euro a year.

In conference A. Flemings introduced with company’s projects, which are already implemented, their benefits and challenges, with which company faced, when implemented these projects. A. Flemings emphasized deliberative and economic resources management, effective system of surveillance of buildings and possibilities for alternative energy extraction in company.


Conference aim was to provide the information about energy efficiency practices in Latvia, energy saving possibilities in commercial and industrial sector.

Conference has been divided into 2 streams – managers and professionals. Manager stream target audience is company managers, executive workers and decision makers in companies and local governments, house managers. Professionals stream target audience is company`s professionals – architects, engineers, designers, power utility indicators and house managers professionals. 




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