• Explosion safe metal fuel cans with screw cap are manufactured in accordance with BAM dangerous goods transportation rules.
  • Explosion safe fuel cans are suitable for I, II and III class dangerous goods packaging which not exceed density of 1.2kg/l.
  • Explosion suppression system prevents destructive pressure on the formation of vapour or gas fire. "Damping" suppresses the spread by separating liquid in small cells of the mesh.
  • Porous material absorbs the heat, which occurs during the reaction.

Cans are suited for hazardous fuel liquids storage and transportation. Cans are recommended for use in the areas where is a risk of explosion or fire.

  • Filled with aluminium foil mesh, which absorbs the heat and prevents explosion risk
  • Displacement of mesh is 1%
  • Available 5L, 10L and 20L volume cans
  • Dimensions of explosafe cans conform sizes of standard cans

Volume: 20L

Weight: 4.8kg
Mesh weight: 512g
Dimensions: 470x165x345 mm

Article No.: upon request

Volume: 10L
Weight: 3.5kg
Mesh weight: 256g
Dimensions: 275x165x345 mm

Article No.: upon request

Volume: 5L
Weight: 2kg
Mesh weight: 128g
Dimensions: 310x120x230 mm

Article No.: upon request 

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