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Steel cans

Since year 1959 VALPRO Ltd. manufactures high quality metal cans which nowadays are recognized all around the world. Company produces 5l, 10l and 20l metal cans and their accessories for civilian and military purposes.


Fire extinguishers

VALPRO Ltd. is proud of long history in fire extinguisher production and valuable knowledge gained during this time. Company produces fire extinguishers since 1955. Nowadays VALPRO offers different size powder, foam and CO2 fire extinguishers as well as wide range of accessories.


Fire Extinguisher cylinders

Fire extinguisher cylinders are one of the base products of VALPRO Ltd. Fire extinguishers in which production VALPRO Ltd. cylinders are used have proved their quality by obtaining different international certificates.


Gas cylinder inspection

Since 2007 VALPRO Ltd. provides periodic inspection and conformity reassessment of the gas cylinders. VALPRO Ltd. Inspection service inspects the seamless gas cylinders with a capacity of 0.5 –150 liters.


Other products

VALPRO Ltd. produces charcoal grills, Christmas tree stands, swing corners and other metal products and parts. Company is open to new ideas and constantly works on new product development and introduction to production.


Metal treatment

VALPRO Ltd. provides different types of metal treatment – metal cutting, pressing, welding, machining, heat treatment, as well as surface treatment with shot blasting and powder coating.


VALPRO – Quality. Reliability. Safety.

VALPRO Ltd. is one of the biggest longstanding metal working companies in Latvia which offers metal products in more than 25 countries around the world.

The company is proud of its rich history and knowledge gained since factory establishment in 1944. High self-standards and diverse experience has resulted in high quality products and services which are recognized by international certification institutions, company clients and product users.


L. Laicena street 2, Valmiera,
LV-4201, Latvia; map
Reg. No.: LV40003058280


Tel.: +371 64 207 240
Fax: +371 64 207 250
E-mail: valpro@valpro.lv

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