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The New In-depth Cooperation Programme

In order to encourage better cooperation between the State and responsible taxpayers, SRS has launched the expanded State and Enterprise “In-depth Cooperation Programme” (ICP). The expanded programme allows small and medium-sized businesses to participate, and the number of benefits for participants has been increased. Currently, participants can benefit from a number of SRS privileges, but there are plans to expand the programme to include benefits from other government institutions as well.

Until now, the program included 79 companies, which provided for both faster service and financial benefits, such as a shorter value-added tax (VAT) refund.

Since January this year, ICP members have been divided into three levels depending on their level of operations: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Based on these criteria, VALPRO is a Gold-level participant whose real financial benefit from participating in the program is faster refund of VAT and the company's employees will be reimbursed the overpaid personal income tax (within one month).

VALPRO has been a member of the ICP since 2012 and as the exporting company so far, the real financial gain from participating in the program is faster VAT refund.




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