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Greenhouse gas emission reduction in VALPRO production hall No. 2 and production studio

On March 16th 2011 the agreement among Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry of Latvia, “Latvian Environment Investment Fund” Ltd. and “VALPRO” Ltd. for project “Greenhouse gas emission reduction in VALPRO production hall No. 2 and production studio” implementation was signed.

During project implementation many improvements have been made – production building exterior wall insulation; windows, doors and gates replacement; lightening replacement; heat flow automating; heat retrieval from compressed air compressors and other activities to achieve the greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

The overall project goal is greenhouse gas emissions reduction by improving energy efficiency. It is planned to reduce CO2 emissions by 62.04 tons per year after project implementation. Estimated CO2 emissions reduction effectiveness in hall No.2 and the production studio is 1.26 kg CO2/LVL.

Project implementation period – 16th March, 2011 -1st December, 2011
Project total costs – 144 869 LVL
Eligible costs – 107 960 LVL
Support intensity – 45%





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