The history of military (also jerry cans) cans starts in the year 1937 when manufacture was ordered and realised as secret German project. The design turned out to be exceptional, because after 70 years the basic design of military cans still has not changed.



  1. The can is made of 0.9mm aluminised steel, which combines exceptional corrosion resistance with the strength of steel
    1a. The aluminised steel is treated chemically
  2. To prevent internal rusting the can is lined with petrol resistant resolic enamel for baking
  3. The can is treated and coated with primer to provide better adhesion of paint on the outer shell
  4. The outside of our cans is powder or wet coated with special Military paint which absorbs infra-red light
  5. The wide breathing channel provides very quick and even pouring. Pouring time to empty a 20L can is under 25 seconds
  6. Strip welded handles and additional seam welding gives increased strength
  7. Cam-locking closure is completely leek-proof with the can placed in any position
  8. UN marking certifies compliance with Dangerous Goods Transportation Regulations
  9. Special markings can be arranged

Company VALPRO Ltd. manufactures military jerry cans since year 2000. During this period almost one million cans have been supplied to different NATO armies.