Explosion suppression system prevents destructive pressure on the formation of vapour or gas fire. "Damping" suppresses the spread by separating liquid in small cells of the mesh. Porous material absorbs the heat, which occurs during the reaction.

Cans are suited for hazardous fuel liquids storage and transportation. Cans are recommended for use in the areas where is a risk of explosion or fire.

  • The can is filled with aluminium foil mesh which absorbs the heat released during the reaction
  • Displacement is only 1% of volume
  • The outside of the can is coated with special military paint –powder RAL 6031 or wet paint, which absorbs infra-red light (Thickness of paint min. 70 μm)
  • Prevents the dangerous ignition or explosion of vapours and gases

       These cans do not have an inside lining, because mesh is placed in the can before welding

Mesh weight: 512g
Can weight: 4.8kg
Dimensions: 470x165x345 mm

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