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Explosion safe cans

Explosion safe jerry cans are manufactured in accordance with BAM dangerous goods transportation rules. Explosion safe jerry cans are suitable for II and III class dangerous goods packaging which not exceed density of 1.2kg/l.

Explosion suppression system prevents destructive pressure on the formation of vapour or gas fire. "Damping" suppresses the spread by separating liquid in small cells of the mesh. Porous material absorbs the heat, which occurs during the reaction.

Cans are suited for hazardous fuel liquids storage and transportation. Cans are recommended for use in the areas where is a risk of explosion or fire.

  • Filled with aluminium foil mesh, which absorbs the heat and prevents explosion risk
  • Displacement of mesh is 1%
  • Available 5L, 10L and 20L volume cans
  • Dimensions of explosafe cans conform sizes of standard cans

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Volume: 20L

Weight: 4.8kg
Mesh weight: 512g
Dimensions: 470x165x345 mm

Article No.: upon request

Volume: 10L
Weight: 3.5kg
Mesh weight: 256g
Dimensions: 275x165x345 mm

Article No.: upon request

Volume: 5L
Weight: 2kg
Mesh weight: 128g
Dimensions: 310x120x230 mm

Article No.: upon request 

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