Transport brackets

Brackets for 4kg -12kg fire extinguishers

Bracket for 5kg CO2 fire extinguishers

Universal transportation bracket for extinguisher with cylinder diameter 150-190 mm

Transport bracket parameters

Accordance with fire extinguisher types Cylinder diameter, mm Colour Article number
CO2, 5kg 145 Black 272.00.00-01
Red 272.00.00
4kg 150 Red 137.40.00
6kg Red 137.40.00-01
9kg 185 Black 231.00.00
Red 231.00.00 S
12kg Black 231.00.00-01
Red 231.00.00-01S
UNIVERSAL 150-190 Black 563.00


Wall holder

Wall holder is used to mount fire extinguisher on the wall, to attach to special extinguisher stand or other surface. Holder is mounted to the wall with two M6 screws. Standard holder fits to portable extinguishers.

Colour: red, black
Material: steel, stainless steel


Metal rings

Metal rings are used for fire extinguisher mounting on the wall.

Available ring diameters (mm):: 108; 117; 137; 140; 150; 152; 160; 171

It is possible to create also different size rings

Colour: red, black
Material: steel, stainless steel



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