Two-part cylinders

Two-part cylinders are manufactured according to deep draw technology. Cylinders have only one welding seam what makes design more attractive.

Available sizes

Diameter: 80-190mm
Volume: 2-14l


Three-part cylinders

Three-part cylinders are classic design cylinders which are produced of expanded shell, top and bottom parts. Cylinders have three welding seams.

Available sizes

Diameter: 110-306mm
Volume: 1.2-14l


Cylinder neck rings

Neck rings for powder fire extinguisher cylinders

Neck rings for powder and water-foam fire extinguisher cylinders

Neck rings for water-foam fire extinguishers


Cylinder bottoms


Possible combinations

Currently available design combinations for two and three part cylinders are indicated in the charts according to the fallowing parameters:

  • Diameter
  • Volume
  • Neck ring type
  • Cylinder bottom

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